Kesh x American Apparel:

The most recent stop for Kesh on her series of worldwide launches for her latest collaboration with American Apparel was London.

The event was held at the American Apparel Store, Oxford Street London, where both fans and close friends of Kesh came to show their support. The evening was filled with drinks and DJ Larry B on the decks complimented to the atmosphere with some Dance Party beats and music.

Grace Ladoja, Film Director / Creative, was present for the event and the host to the after party at Casa Negra where Larry B and Kesh took to decks and killed it (in a good way of course).

Kesh can be seen wearing the Nylon Tricot bikini top, Spandex leggings and Jacket from her collection.

The Kesh x American Apparel collection is now available worldwide from American Apparel both in-store and Online.


  • Jul 29
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